Custom Order For Cherilynn

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This is a custom order for Cherilynn for the purchase of the below:


1 METRE Watercolour Boho Deers
1 METRE Boho Teepees and Arrows
1 METRE Watercolour Foxes
1 METRE Geometric Deer Heads
1 METRE Arrow Blooms
1 METRE Floral Swans


1 METRE Floral Spring Bunnies
1 METRE Wild Little Man
1 METRE Girls Boho Floral Teepees Arrows and Headdresses
1 METRE Tribal Foxes And Teepees

Please note that TWO lots of postage have been charged into the total price ($8.50 per post). I will post the in stock fabrics first and then post the pre-orders once they arrive in approx 6-8 weeks.



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